On 26th September 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed discussions on establishing Global Energy Interconnection (or GEI), to facilitate efforts to meet global power demand with clean and green alternatives at the UN Sustainable Development Summit. In order to achieve synergies among governments, enterprises, financial institutions, think tanks, universities and other parties for a concerted effort on GEI research, investment and implementation so as to promote the development of GEI, GEIDCO has developed and built the first ever “World of Energy Interconnection” (WEI) – platform in GEI field.


Built on the increasingly developed Internet, IoT, AI, VR and other cutting-edge technologies, WEI is a platform focusing on key demands of current energy and power project development and exchanges and cooperation, which aims to establish communication and cooperation channels between online and offline, government and enterprises, investment and construction. By virtue of GEIDCO's extensive networks, resources from interested parties can be consolidated, thereby offering new models of cooperation in energy and power infrastructure projects, and driving the development of new operational types such as big data services in energy field.

As a comprehensive platform for development and collaboration in energy field, WEI has four major functions: Project Promotion, Communication and Cooperation, Resource Sharing, and Conferences and Exhibitions.

Project Promotion

Aims to establish cooperation channels between government and enterprises, investment and projects, construction and consulting, and draws together all kinds of users to participate in the construction of energy and power infrastructure.

Communication and Cooperation

WEI is the window for displaying GEIDCO members and alliance members’ latest trends and achievements, announcing fruitful results of events and showcasing cooperation opportunities. Meanwhile, it offers consultancy and liaison channels regarding applying for GEIDCO membership and alliance membership online and other customized services.

Resource Sharing

WEI provides users with all kinds of rich, comprehensive and timely information, and daily notification of the latest news in various fields including economy, society, energy, electricity, finance, climate, environment, technology, and markets.

Conferences and Exhibitions

Users and guests can get the information about all the scheduled activities of GEIDCO in a timely manner, register online for conference attendance, and subscribe to the newsletters for latest event.

Mar 23, 2021
Liu Zhenya
Chairman of GEIDCO
Li Ye
Executive Director-General for Regulation, National Energy Administration of the People's Republic of China
Bountouraby Yattara
Minister of Energy of Guinea
Vladimir Norov
Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organi- sation (SCO)
Ali Obaid Dhaheri
Ambassador of United Arab Emirates
Mohamed Elbadri
Ambassador of Arab Republic of Egypt
Siyabonga Cwele
Ambassador of South Africa
Petra Schwager
Chief of ETI Division, Department of Energy, UNIDO
Sun Yu
General Manager of China Green Development Investment Group
Yu Jun
President of China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd. (CET)
Bachir Ismael OUEDRAOGO
Minister of Energy and Mines of Burkina Faso
Yao Qiang
Vice President of Power Construction Corporation of China Ltd. (POWERCHINA)
Weerawat Chantanakome
Special Councilor & Advisor to the Ministry of Energy of Thailand
Kang Hubiao
President of China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CMC)
Song Lei
Chairman of China-Africa Development Fund(CADFund)
Carlos Lopes
Member of EIP board of directors, Executive Vice President for Construction Company of EIP
Zhao Jing
Chief Strategy Officer of TBEA Co., Ltd.