The past five years have seen the highest global mean temperature on record. Cumulatively, humankind has emitted as much as 2200 GtCO₂ since the start of the Industrial Revolution. What’s worse, the extreme temperatures, frequent typhoons, and rampant flooding and droughts now being suffered — these are no more than “the eve of the storm”. Climate change is actually accelerating the formation of a global ecological and environment crisis that will almost certainly trigger a disastrous domino effect, dealing a devastating blow to both humankind and Earth. Faced with the deadliest of crises on a global scale, how then will humanity respond? How will they write this chapter of history?


The forum, themed on“Tackling the crisis in solidarity for a sustainable world”, will have an in-depth discussion on how to tackle climate and environmental crisis, and confront the problems exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. To be broadcast live globally, the forum will cover such topics as clean energy development, low-carbon energy transition, cross-regional energy interconnection, technological innovation, and green recovery,with a combination of both on-site and online.


Time of Event:20:30-23:35(UTC/GMT+08:00)


Mankind must work together to accelerate GEI development and turn the tide from devastation to triumph.

Shoulder the global responsibility together

Foster global synergy

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